Fishing (October until May)

  • Duration: 4hrs
  • Times: early mornings or late afternoons
  • Private charter: AED 1,600 / Maximum 5 passengers
  • Includes: waters, fishing equipment & fresh bait.

Note: Prices subject to 5% VAT starting from 1st January 2018.

Note: Guests are welcome to bring your own snacks & refreshments on board.

Tour Description:

We offer leisure fishing trips along our inshore waterways where we can catch a variety of different species using only line fishing. We do not go offshore, which means we never have to face big swell and our guests will be able to enjoy the views of our beautiful coastline. Staying within the inshore waterways is also considerably safer making it ideal for families of all ages.

We promote responsible and sustainable fishing and encourage catch & release, which means we take home only what we will be able to consume, and no more! Have a look at the Choose Wisely website and find out why.

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