Field Trips

It is very important to get kids out of the classroom every once in a while and take them out to explore the city they live in. Luckily in Abu Dhabi there is plenty to see out there, especially along our diverse coastline.

At Capt. Tony’s we have one simple field trip model: the Eco Field Trip.

With an expert marine biologist on board as a guide we invite groups of children to hop aboard our boats and cruise gently to the nearby islands where they get to see Abu Dhabi from a different perspective and learn lots of interesting facts about our local environment.

We have different destinations and trip durations depending on the age group of our little guests. For the younger groups (Year 1, 5yrs old) we cruise to a nearby mangrove island forest approximately 15mins from our base at Yas Marina. For the slightly more grown up children (Year 3 and above) we can venture further to Dolphin Bay, approximately 40mins cruising time from Yas Marina.

Every trip is tailor made to the requirements and policies of each school. The one thing we never compromise is on our very strict safety protocol – we go beyond just wearing lifejackets, ask us how.

For any enquiries please feel free to get in touch with our office and we’ll be happy to come and meet you to discuss your next class adventure…

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