Go Green

Can we really call ourselves eco-conscious? Yes we can!

Whilst we do operate motorboats we do our very best to limit our impact on the local eco-system.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Twice a year we invite schools and green clubs from around Abu Dhabi to volunteer to help our beach clean-ups.  There’s no better way to educate our kids than to show them firsthand the issues our environment is facing.  Our beach clean-ups are fun, educational and of course it helps us keep our coastline cleaner.  If you would like to volunteer please drop us a line…
  • We run mostly low horse-power 4-stroke engines.
  • We strictly cruise at low speed (especially near the mangroves and wildlife).
  • We always have a bin bag handy to collect old plastic containers someone else might have ‘accidentally’ forgotten on the beach.
  • Your food & drinks are supplied by local neighbourhood shops/restaurants.
  • Our fleet comprises of locally built boats.
  • We educate and raise awareness of our local culture and environment.
  • We are also working on a plan to replace our motor engines with electric and solar powered engines… watch this space!

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